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Thread: Hydraulic institute standards

  1. Hydraulic institute standards

    Hi guys

    i'm looking for the hydraulic institute standards to specify two reciprocating pumps for a project. Does anybody have this standards?


    best regards

    andrÉs villamil

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    Re: Hydraulic institute standards

    Emplok-en saiki, cangkem-mu kudu mangap disik :

    HIS 14th Ed Centrifugal, Rotary & Reciprocating Pump.pdf 14.348 MB

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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  5. Re: Hydraulic institute standards

    Dear Achmad Nur Eddin, thanks a lot for your answer. But i have a problem.

    I can't access to Is there any problem with this site?

    Is there another link to download this file?

    Best regards

    Andres Villamil

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    Re: Hydraulic institute standards

    The site is OK and I have no other link

  7. Re: Hydraulic institute standards

    Achmad Nur Eddin

    Please, forget the previous message. I got to download the file.

    Thanks a lot.

    Andres Villamil

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