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Thread: Article: Dew Point >> Reservoir Pressure

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    Article: Dew Point >> Reservoir Pressure

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  3. This dilemma I am also facing in many of our gas reservoirs. Luckily we have thin reservoirs and the reservoir pressure doesn't vary within the depth, hence client can not say the sample was taken near to the contact. the Dew point in the lab coming higher than the reservoir pressure clearly is against the material balance. Until and unless I add up more heavier fraction the dew point can not rise. This usually happens when the MDT sampler may not be clean secondly the dew point measurement is never as accurate as the bubble point measurement. This introduces little error in measurement. In such case we ask the PVT lab to make the dew point equal to reservoir prssure by changing the composition. Though the method is not correct but for all practical puprose it helps to solve the problem when the MDT has laready been taken and there is no way we can go back again take the sample. Hope it helps

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