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Thread: Article: Relative Permeability Question

  1. Article: Relative Permeability Question

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  3. Hi Samad, Thanks for a good question. I can understand your dilemma. But the solution is simple. First of all we do not use air permeability in a simulation model. We use Klinkenberg permeability which is the air permeability in when the mean pressure is mathematically infinite. At infinite pressure air or any gas would behave like liquid, hence this Klinkenberg permeability is equal to liquid permeability i.e. oil or water at 100% saturation. In other words Koil(100% oil saturation) is equal to Kwater(100% water saturation). This is also equal to Klinkenberg air permeability. Hence in the simulation model if the above concept is used there is nothing like model is inconsistent. Now the question may arise in your mind then why the hell laboratory carry out the air permeability measurement not the oil or water absolute perm measurement? The reason is air permeability measurement is cheaper and faster than if we use oil or water.
    As a guideline you must convert the air permeability into Klinkenberg permeability at envisaged stress.

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    • Thanks a lot skumar for the explanation....I have seen the klingerberg slippage correction factor....Just wanted to confirm.....that I need to change all the perms reported in my simulation model to Klinkenberg corrected perms....and then use the relative permeability data...and then when I analyze the rel perm data.....say ...either with respect to oil...or with respect to gas......it does not matter...because...now I have klinkenberg corrected absolute permeabilities....for my model......

      AM I right in doing this.........

      Thanks a lot.....I am highly obliged....................

    • Sorry for the late reply. Samad, when you use kliken perm and porosity cross plot at given stress condition and apply the relationship in your model based on rock types the permeability in the model you get is the Kliken one. Secondly on the issue of relative perm the absolute perm is always any one of them as you mentioned e.g. 100 oil or 100 water or Kliken berg pne.

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      • Hello all, I am new here and I am happy to discuss with and share many good things,
        I understand that we use the relative permeability based on air only when we don't have with oil or water ?

        I have another question about normalize and de-normalize relative permeability, could you give the procedure to do that
        because I am confused about that, best regards

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        • In other words, I have a SCAL data how I can prepare it for ECLIPSE model
          thank you

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          • Re: Article: Relative Permeability Question

            I am preparing for a thread that will cover the SCAL analysis (Rel. Perm, Rock Typing methods and JFunction & the Saturation Height Function), I will include spreadsheets with examples, maybe tomorrow i will start it depending on my free time.


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            Re: Article: Relative Permeability Question

            Can anyone give me the end points for the relative permeabilities for a dolomite reservoir depth between (2700 – 2900 m upper serdj ) for any field.

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              Relative Permeability

              Can anyone give me the end points for the relative permeabilities for a dolomite reservoir depth between (2700 – 2900 m upper serdj ) for any field.

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