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Thread: newbie need guidance

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    newbie need guidance

    hi all,

    I'm a bachelor in chemical engineer, but my job needs me to check electrical thing like single line diagram of a plant, and motor specification. Could anyone suggest me any e-book or website that teach about single line diagram, or the logic behind it?

    Best regards

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  3. Re: newbie need guidance

    I can't understand what exactly you mean when you are saying "single line diagram of a plant"... Can you upload an image?

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      Re: newbie need guidance

      i can't upload it. all i have is the full confidential single line is a diagram of electrical line, so there is some symbol of electrical panel, connection to some equipment (ex: compressor)..

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      1) Take a look on the internet for the book "industrial motor control" by stephen herman. If this book is what you looking for maybe we find more similar books!

      2) If you just want to understand only the symbols take a look on the attachment file...

      Are you looking for the first or for the second?
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        Re: newbie need guidance

        the second very helpful..thanks..but i haven't got the first one yet..

        [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] here i cut a little portion of a single line diagram, could you tell me from where could i learn about that diagram..

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        Re: newbie need guidance

        [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]


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