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Thread: Article: Sea Water - Pipe Material for Fire Fighting System ?

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  5. Hi, as GUSGON said concret would be an alternative, I may suggest use a internal coating such a ARC composite, In an importan Venezuelan Refinery Amuay - Cardon in the 90 th the sea water system was lined with concret but the corrosion was very strong, the solution was replaced the concrete for a composite called ARC S2 this is the reference

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    The person in the photo about inspection inside the elbow was Mr Carlos Paz, this ia a reference of a solution

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  8. Hi All,
    I have experienced, once, in the petrochemical Plant.
    using HDPE for sea water to be used for fire fighting and water supply for the cooler.

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    • Hi all,

      in my opinion the best choice is GRP pipe. it can be operate without problem of corrosion and erosion.

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      • GRE from nov products or ameron is ok for heavy corrosion service.

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        • After many years of building pipelines then turning to designing them, I have had many bad experiences with GRP ofr similar as this pipe has no structural integrigy and relies upon the backfill to be of the highest order around it, if the backfill moves at all the pipe will leak or burst.
          I have also seen many concrete lined fire mains that operate with sea water become collinders with 10 years
          The choice for me has to be HDPE the joint fabrication thesedays is computer controlled so that is good and it is not suseptable to corrosion

          the only chioce

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