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Thread: Article: Different pressure drops across 2 reservoirs

  1. Article: Different pressure drops across 2 reservoirs

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  3. Dear,

    As far as I know gas reservoir with aquifer has higher pressure drop than gas reservoir without aquifer. because water flow blocks gas flow. CMIIW


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    • i am a petroleum geologist i just started reservoir studies2 months ago. It is important to bare in mind whether the 2 productive layers are connected or not.according to my understanding the water cut in the lower layer is due to the presence of the well in an area close to the aquifer that naturally emerges as production goes on.
      please i dont wanna talk non sense, so give us the form of the reservoir(structurally speaking) and if there is a connection between the 2 layers(are they connected?).

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      • Pressure drop in the reservoir can be a result of many reasons, you mentioned that the two layers are not in communication (350 m apart)
        - Initial GIIP of each layer.
        - Cum. production of each layer.
        - Permeability of each layer.
        - Transmissibility (which is a reflection of permeability).
        - Facies distribution (Layer continuity).
        - Existance of aquifer.
        - Reliability of reservoir pressure measurment.

        every point of the mentioned can be discussed in details and it is depent on the case.



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