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Thread: Attached a file in egpet forum

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    Attached a file in egpet forum

    Dear All,

    How can I attach a file (normally pdf format) into the message of this forum?
    Please advise.


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  3. Re: Attached a file in egpet forum

    Click on "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the page there is attachment button there.

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    Re: Attached a file in egpet forum

    Hi guys!

    I´m having troubles to download attatched pdf files form several posts in the forum.

    I click on them and a new window opens but it stays all black. I´m using chrome browser.

    Could you help me out with some guidelines on how to solve this?

    Many thanks in advance!


  6. Re: Attached a file in egpet forum

    Hi Wagolin,

    If I'm not wrong, there isn't any solution.
    There is not a problem with your computer or browser. The "black window" means that the file in question is not available anymore.

    So, the only thing you could do is to request again the file to the Community ;-)

    Kind regards

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    Re: Attached a file in egpet forum

    Thank you very much for your reply jmseor.

    Hope that some kind soul takes pitty on my request for re-uploading then.


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