Hi. I need to make a presentation about the considerations of the calibration.

It is really common that you don't have all the information you need to calibratr the well:checkshot, sonic log and density log.

how to proceed if you only have this scenarios and what are the advantages/dissadvantages?
1) Having checkshot, but not sonic and density
2)Having checkshot and density, but not sonic
3)Having checkshot andsonic, but not density
4)Having density and sonic, but not checkshot
5) Having density, but not checkshot and sonic

Another thing that I do not quite understand is how to QC the calibration of the sonic before the synthetic. When you do that, there is a drift generated, but I don't know what is considered to have a high drift and a low drift. Which valur you use as a threshold for this and how you Do the QC?


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