Dear colleagues,
I'm looking for some definition stated by any big petroleum company about capital spares parts.
I just found a definition from Total in GS EP EXP 217 Spare Parts requirements for EPCs, Supplier, Manufacturer and MIE
4.2.2 Capital spare parts
Capital spare parts are defined by compliance with most of the following criteria:
• High HSE and production impacts (high downtime cost or impact on Company reputation but not likely to fail and not for routine maintenance).
• High value (value being defined for each Project/Affiliate).
• Due to their high cost and infrequent rate of use, they are purchased on an investment budget (CAPEX).
• Long delivery times (LLI, typically more than a year) or not off-the-shelf items (unique piece such as rotor) that require early purchase by the Project.
I want to chek this one with any other companies.
If someone could share any other company standard.
Thanks in advance.

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