Hi all,

Iím a current student and intern at a company focusing on the O&G upstream space. I donít have an O&G background and have been trying to get up to speed on the industry and was hoping you guys could help. I did some searches on this forum and could not find any answers.

Would anyone happen to know the general price range a typical large O&G company like Exxon, Shell, or BP would pay for reservoir simulation softwares like Schlumbergerís Petrel and Eclipse or Landmarkís Nexus program? I know the costs vary due to different variables like contract length, size of the organization, and additional modules but a general range (cost per user, per year) would be very helpful for me to at least begin to map out the price ranges. Contacting the software companies directly didn't really lead anywhere. Any info would help even if it's from smaller E&P companies using the same or other reservoir simulation software.

I greatly appreciate the help! Thanks!

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