1- ISO will be updated until 100/300
2-****ing the system will be finished* only 2 more volumes to upload
3-100X100 books...95/100 uploaded
4-Medical books 1/3 uploaded
5-60X60 dictionaries...18/60 uploaded* soon will be 20/60

then comes CEN update until 200/372 or 373 + 1 new sector
100X100 Books .1 - 85/100 uploaded* rest comes after above mentioned
dictionaries... next 10 coming after finishing 20th
****ing the system again...new 40 volumes
IEC-so far now* on stand by mode* but not long
100 programs you need for your PC... 2/10 volumes uploaded* 3*4 & 5 of 10 coming after above

then continuing with ISO* IEC* new 100X100 books* some magazine collections* maybe even EPRI new volumes

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