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    USAmp+ amacity software

    USAmp+ models all types of underground power cables (Pipe-type, Extruded, Solid Paper or Self-Contained).

    Computes steady-state and transient ampacities and temperatures for multiple cables with equal or unequal loading.
    Models cross-sections with multiple duct banks, pipe cables and/or directly buried cables - provides simultaneous ratings.
    Models steam lines or other extraneous heat sources.
    Models Aerial cable installations, both horizontal and risers.

    The user inputs data describing one or more installations. Each installation describes one of the following:a duct bank; a group of directly buried cables surrounded by thermal backfill; one or more pipe-type cable circuits with thermal backfill; or a steam line with thermal insulation.
    The location of each installation is input to build up a cross-section file which references the data for each installation.The cross-section is displayed graphically on the screen. The earth ambient temperature and thermal resistivity are included in the data.
    Each installation may have one or more cable circuits 3-phase or 1-phase). The location of each cable and its type and circuit identification are input in a graphical format. The thermal resistivity of the duct bank or trench is also input. The user gives the installation data a file name.
    Each circuit described requires a set of load data (also saved with the installation data).This includes a maximum temperature and load factor for each rating and the starting temperature or loading for each transient rating.For each circuit the bonding method for metallic shields or sheaths is indicated.
    The program includes an expert system for cable designs. The cable data is input interactively and the program assigns each cable a file number which is referenced in the installation file. Features of the cable editor are described under CABLE DATA.Computational output is sent to the screen and to a file for later printing or retrieval. The output file may optionally contain the details of the computation such as temperatures of cable components and surroundings, and the electrical and thermal parameters used to derive the results.

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  5. Re: USAmp+ amacity software

    I agree that ETAP is better ( If you have the cable models ),
    But it seems alot of old school power companies use USAmp, so it's still nice to get use to it
    kinda like PSSE

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