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  1. Article: Sand Separators Usage

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    Re: Article: Sand Separators Usage

    so is a friend, I recommend that continually verify the equipment to prevent clogging by sand.
    we recommend you disconnect the process equipment for cleaning
    Another option is the by-pass pipe line
    As a recommendation I suggest you continually verify the wall thickness of the container well as their pipelines, since the erosion by sand is more feasible than others.
    equipment cleaning and depend on the resources you have. It can be manual. Water Pump. etc

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    Best solution for post frac flowback will the use of dual pod sand filter or sand catcher (cyclonic desander). And both the filter or catcher can be flushed during the job. As plugging of sand in separator will require lot of work for clean-up. For sand filter you will require a high rate pump to flush. Whereas sand cather has a bleed line at the bottom which can be connected to a sacrificial choke manifold. But I would recommend to go for a dual pod sand filter with 100/200 micron mesh size screen


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