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Thread: CEN Standards Collection

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    CEN Standards Collection

    Dear CEN Standards Fans,

    Our dear colleague Born to Good (Sin) has been not only generous but has been painstakingly posting the standards, updating them and answering replies.
    A lot of the Egpet colleagues and visitors are downloading the standards, but very few are contributing, even those who are simply thanking the contributing members are also equally limited. After downloading the contributions, just a polite thanks can be encouraging.

    As also recently requested by Marty Thomson, it is a humble request that that if the members who have been benefitted from the forum, also share in the contributions as much as they can for the benefit of the community.

    Today, as an addition to the CEN Standards Trove, I am sharing the consolidated list of CEN Standards from 1 to 218 as included in the respective directories provided by Born to Good. The list is categorized and segmented to provide more information. It can be sorted, filtered, searched, exported to a database of your choice etc. I am sure this will be useful if anybody is really utilizing the CEN Standards

    Few caveats in the list a) Some updates from Born to Good are not included, b) The addendums in CEN numbers are not included only the latest year is mentioned, c) Few Committee entries may be missed out, d) Standards in committees from 1-77 are without the hyper links, 78 onwards are hyperlinked, but the target files must be in the same directory for the links to be valid.

    Another piece of information for CEN Users, the actual files in the directories provided by Born to Good may or may match the lists, in fact usually the actual files are more than those listed. In my next update I may include the actual files listing as well.

    Once Born to Good has completed, I will find time to include all the standards.

    Sajid Ali Khan

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    Re: CEN Standards Collection

    Thanks for the encouraging post.
    I'm trying to do my best; update earlier posted CEN sectors, posting non-posted sectors, answering the questions and so on and so on. There are some people that are thankful for all of this, but there are probably people who also post it somewhere else besides egpet, so that's the probably reason why some links died so quickly.
    Anyway, thanks for the full list of standards in one excel sheet, and I'm very glad that you did it.
    And it would be nice that more people contribute to this board with they're uploading; no matter what; BS, AWS, API, ISO, IEC, NACE.....

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