2015 | 124 pages | PDF | 17 MB

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is the result of collaboration by worldwide experts to give system designers a current, authoritative guide on successfully applying active and passive beam technology. Active and passive beam systems provide energy-efficient methods of cooling, heating, and ventilating indoor areas, especially spaces that require individual zone control and where internal moisture loads are moderate. The systems are simple to operate, with low maintenance requirements.

This guide is a revision of the REHVA Chilled Beam Application Guidebook, published in 2004. ASHRAE and REHVA enlisted experts from both organizations to revise the document. This new guide is aimed at consulting engineers, architects, owners, and contractors who are involved in the design, operation, and installation of active and passive beam systems. This book provides tools and guidance to design, commission, and operate active and passive beam systems to achieve a determined indoor climate. It also presents examples of active and passive beam calculations and selections. As a bonus, calculation tools and examples are provided online.

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