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Thread: Heating coil inside an oil storage tank

  1. Heating coil inside an oil storage tank

    Could some one advise whether there is any standard for the design of heating coils inside oil storage tank. Shall be obliged if the standard is shared.

    Best regards to all

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  3. There is a solved example in DSJ Jones book Elements of Petroleum processing which may be useful to you.

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  5. Dear Mr Venkatesh SG

    It is quite kind of you to offer your advise promptly.If it is not a burden to you, may I request you to please scan the pertinet portion and mail it to me. If scanning is not posible I shall be obliged for a phot copy of the pertinet pages. Mean while I shall see whether any one has the Jones book. My e mail ID is avgpaul@gmail.com.Shouldd you need my mailing address I shall send . Sorry for troubling you and thanks for the help.

    Best regards


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    I need storage tank hand book by phlip mayer.Can some one help me please


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      can u upload that book....

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      I also need it.


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      • Some help on Storage tank heat transfer

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      • DSJ Jones, Elements of Petroleum Processing

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      • Dear Mr venkateshs G ,

        Thanks a lot for you help.

        I have recieved the same data also from Mr Irfan Kurawle, whom I thank again through this forum.

        Best regards



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