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Thread: Modelling of Centrifugal Compressor in HYSYS and CHEMCAD

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    Modelling of Centrifugal Compressor in HYSYS and CHEMCAD

    I want to model the two stage centrifugal compressor on single gas turbine driven shaft having maximum poer out of 6.6 MW. Would any body help me to model the compressor train in HYSYS and ChemCad.

    Thanks in advance

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    It´s very simple!!! look for that information in the gas procesing book of Campbell, there you will find everything you need to simulate that case, I´have worked simulating gas compression systems and I will be abble to help you but I need to contact you directly, Julio_parker@hotmail.com.

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    • i need campbell book on digital. if someone can share it to me. thanks...

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      Gas Conditioning and Processing: The Basic Principles

      for the college how need canmpble book
      about the book

      By John M. Campbell
      * Publisher: Campbell Petroleum Series
      * Number Of Pages:
      * Publication Date: 1992-09
      * ISBN-10 / ASIN: 9992925795
      * ISBN-13 / EAN: 9789992925799
      This book adresses material and energy balances; phase behavior; physical properties; water-hydrocarbon equilibrium; hydrates; applied thermodymamics; and process control and instrumentation. The Basic Principles is one of a four volume series and has been published for the natural gas processing industry for over 25 years. This edition has been edited to reflect continuing changes in technology and the manner in which it is practiced. This book is one of the ****books used as part of our “Campbell Gas Course

      PDF: 16.365 KB

      the book link

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      best regards

    • thanks magdyharby1 you were very helpfull... regards

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    • Hi Friend,

      Can some be kind enough to please upload some training material on centrifugal and reciprocating compressor. I need it urgently as I have applied for job and knowledge on gas compressor is essential. Please help

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