Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a spreadsheet which will calculate a gas orifice flow rate using the following variable inputs:
- static pressure
- differential pressure
- flowing temperature
- orifice diameter
- pipe diameter

other inputs could be change but would be normally left standard:
- atmospheric pressure (101.325 kpa)
- flowing/base compressibility (if gas component analysis not available)
- ideal specific gravity (0.607527)
- base pressure (101.325 kpa)
- base temp (15 C)
- orifice diameter temp (20 C)
- stainless steel thermal exp coefficient
- pipe diameter temp (20 C)
- stainless steel pipe thermal exp coefficient

and then also (if applicable) using the gas composition to calculate the z-factor (compressibility) using AGA-8 or other calc method for sour gas? I have a couple tools that do this calculation but need the formula to be transparent so we can build a tool around it. Ideally this would be in excel.

I have searched and did not find anything directly relevant.

Thanks in advance.

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