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  1. Spe 14401-pa

    SPE 14401-PA - A New Correlation for the Cementation Factor in Low-Porosity Carbonates

    Who can share following paper with me?

    Currently we are working with low-porosity carbonates and we noticed that “m” factor is decreasing with porosity. Unfortunately the field is pretty old and we do not have appropriate core analysis, so we want to try equation described in that paper.

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  3. Re: Spe 14401-pa

    hey kochichiro

    here is your paper (check it ...)

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
    if u want any other paper also then tell me ..i would love to help alll the person on forum

    can u give me your email that i can give u paper u want and also i will post paper here on forum also.. (for future)

    mail me :

    if any one want any paper from ..then just mail me paper id..and also u make post on forum also so that other can also get benefited..

    so just mail me for paper ...


    Gunjesh Patel

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  5. Re: Spe 14401-pa

    Thank you Gunjesh for your great help! I will also consider you help in the future.

    I also would like to benefit to this theme. Browsing web I found good material describing declining “m” value with declining porosity. There is also described good correlation to calculate “m” in low-porosity tight sands -

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

  6. Re: Spe 14401-pa

    sure my friend..
    i will try my best to give u any paper from




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