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no protection on EXE - Java program

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Can't run without registration.

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The registration of the programme will require an activation code and a valid Internet connection. You will get your activation code (User-ID and e-mail address) via e-mail after the order. After entering this information at the fist start-up of Polysun a further dialogue window will be displayed in which you will be prompted to enter your personal details (e-mail address included). Please note that the registration confirmation will be sent only to the e-mail address entered in this window.

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Polysun Solar Thermal Software
Design and enhance your system with Polysun, the leading simulation software for solar thermal systems

Thanks to its easy-to-use definition as well as yield and economic viability calculation features Polysun Solar Thermal Software provides users with unequalled flexibility in the design of top quality solar thermal systems.
Polysun Solar Thermal Software provides you with invaluable help in planning, designing and defining your system to the highest standards. Polysun enables you to figure out yields and energy savings and get an accurate cost analysis in a matter of minutes. All results are summarized in clear and detailed PDF-reports.

Maximize your solar sales and services

Time-saving design
Descriptive reports satisfy customers
Successful incentive applications
Build customer confidence through competence

[0S Platform *]
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
MAC OS X 10.5.2 or higher

Minimum 512 MB RAM
Network Interface Card
Internet connection required for license activation
Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is a vary professional piece of software and very expensive.
It has 4 modules:
Solarthermal Simulation
Heatpump Simulation
Photovoltaic Simulation
Cooling Simulation
and 3 user levels:

There is a demo but I need full functionality just for my own private project.

This is Java but I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.

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