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  1. Value Improvement Practices

    Has anubody got something around Value Improvement Practices, like standards on when to do each type and some techniques on how to facilitate the session


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  3. Sir
    These techniques or practices are applied during the FEED phase (Front End Eng. and Design)
    FEED is done to improve cost estimate and duration estimate for the project
    These techniques are targeted to these ends
    There is no standard because still nowadays theres no agreement on which are the best, and each
    EPC contractor have his favorites
    the Construction Industry Institute has studied several practices and have produced some reports
    that can be obtained from them

    one set of this practices includes for example:
    alignment between parties involved
    class of Plant
    simulation of construction
    3d model
    process simplification

    if you do a search in google you can find some information

    the reason there is no much info is because still is considered a vantage
    and will not be shared with posiible competitors

    hope this serves in some way

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