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Thread: Article: Pressure relief valve requirement

  1. Article: Pressure relief valve requirement

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  3. Thankyou Hafiz for your replay Yes the Cyclone Have closed outlet during fire event As you know if you have a pressure relief valve sized for blocked outlet it wil cover for fire case and there is no problem but in our case there is no presssure relief valve for blocked outlet because the cyclone Maximum Work pressure (10000 PSi at 250 °F) is higher than the maximum ioperating pressure of 2000Psi the questions are 1) Does the cyclone must have a pressure relief valve for fire case ? according to ASME code ? because itis a pressure vessel ? although it,s design pressure is 5 times than the maximum operating pressure. ? 2) the design pressure of the cyclone is 10000 PSI at 250degc in case of fire the temperature will be much higher than 250 °F so what will be the setting of the relief pressure at the higher temperature ( in case of fire ) to ensure that the integrity of the vessel will not affected .regards Abitaieb

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