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Thread: Desulfurization of biogas

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    Typically a biogas generated from ethanol distillery has following composition: (v/v)
    CH4- 50-60%
    CO2- 30-40%
    H2S- 3-4%
    H2O- traces
    In order to use this gas in engine to generate power the H2S content needs to be brought down to about 200 ppm or less.
    Amines are known to be good choice especially MEDA is popular if H2S is to be absorbed preferably. But if Co2 is also removed with H2S then Engine eff goes up. So here it is ok to remove both CO2 and H2S.
    Request you all to pl share your experience of similar nature because I am just speaking from literature

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  5. Why don't use DEA?

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