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Thread: Article: Reading flow on recording charts

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  3. Well it’s pretty simple to read actual pressure differential. The chart shows pressure differential in percents. For example 100 % of full scale is equal to 100 inch of water. That means 5.8 % is equal to (5.8*100)/100 or 5.8 inches of water. One inch of water equals to 0.0361144 psia, so 5.8 inches would be equal to 5.8*0.0361144 or 0.20946352 psia. But I think these values are too small maybe you should check maximum reading value (maybe it is not 100 inches of water, but 100 inches of mercury).

    Such flow recorders show not only pressure differential, but also pressure in the system before flow recorder. In many cases thick and noisy line is pressure differential and thin and straight is pressure in the system. When you are shutting some valve there is no flow in the system and pressure differential line goes to zero, but pressure line is remaining on some level, because there is always pressure in the system.

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