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Thread: Article: well test procedures

  1. Article: well test procedures

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  3. Titi 47000,

    your reservoir flow capacity (KH) plays the key factor for time to stabilization. the higher the KH, the shorter it takes for well to stabilize. and vise versa, the tighter the reservoir, the longer time it takes to stabilize the well.

    The time factor is normally afftected with the followings:
    *Are you testing the well with rig on location or rigless? (rig cost will limits your testing time. so it's recommended to use a choke size that is not too big in order for the well to stabilize faster)
    *Are you are flaring the oil or flowing back to a production line (normally flaring is bad on high rate and pollution)
    * if you are testing sand formation (especially friable sand). you need to control your drawdown so that you don't sand the well in

    during the well flow, observe WHP versus time. calculate WHP drop per hour (dp/dt). if it's 5-10 psi/hr for 2-3 hrs you may consider the test results reasonable

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