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Thread: Article: Sour Water system

  1. Article: Sour Water system

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    I just pasted that I summaries before.

    What is the specification for the phenolic and non-phenolic sour water or how it is classified?
    -> The two product specs. differs in terms of ammonia because the phenols have a weak acid behavior, influencing the pH of the solution, therefore at the same operating conditions (P, T and NH3/H2S concentration) and the same specific stripping steam consumption (kg of steam/ m3 of sour water) the phenolic stripper will show a better performance in terms H2S removal (removal of H2S is promoted by low pH) and a worst performance in terms of NH3 removal (removal of NH3 is inhibited by low pH)

    Is phenols removed in sour water stripper ? If not then where it is removed ?
    ->In the desalter the phenols in the stripped sour water (100-150 mg/l depending on the severity of -----ing in FCC) are transferred to the crude due to their affinity to crude oil rather than waste water. The desalter effluent may contain from 30 to 50 mg/l of phenols. The desalter effluent can then be further stripped to remove Sulphides and Ammonia before sending to the wastewater treatment plant. No stripper is designed to remove phenols.
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