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Thread: Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Design

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    Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Design

    Hi all,

    Could some one help with sizing fire sprinkler systems. Any available software.

    Many thanks.

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    Reply to fire sprinkler pipe sizing design

    Hi there,

    As a fire protections engineer, im more than happy to assist you in your question. I suppose the first question that needs to be asked, is what application are we looking at? Second question is what codes are we using, ie. NFPA 13, FM GLOBAL, Australian Standards, British Standards? They are all similar, especially when it comes back down to designing & sizing pipe work for sprinkler systems.
    In terms of programs, I have a program called HYENA, which is used in the fire protection industry. Alternatively, I can do the calculations for you, for a fee, and provide you the results, including all node & piping diagrams.
    my email address is dgabzz@gmail.com. Email me if your interested and I can assist.

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    Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Design

    Thanks for your response to my post. Actually, I have just joined a firm of mechanical consulting firm. My previous experience is in cold and hot water distribution but not fire fighting. Having gone through various literature provided by the firm, I found that one has to determine the hydraulic most demanding zone and use it to size the fire sprinkler pump (is it like we do for chilled water pump?).

    My problem is that I need an example with self explanatory notes.

    Incidentally, the company uses a software called sprinkcad for design but only old engineers have access to it.

    Will appreciate any assistance in this regard.

  6. My Friend,

    Try to get a copy of NFPA 13 whicj ever edition. From that NFPA code you'll find a sample flow calculation and how to come up with the most remotest area.

    Safe regards,
    BOI Leccio

    My threads; lecciohl :

    • Re: Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Design

      You can use Pipe Flow Expert or other piping software to calculate sprinkler design, for flowrate, standpipe and firepump requirement you have to refer to standard like NFPA 13

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