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Thread: Article: project for imroving the gas gathering system design.

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    Article: project for imroving the gas gathering system design.

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    I am afraid you will not get software to answer your requirement straightforward, However you can use the software to carry out pipeline hydraulics. First you need to know end user's requirement (quantity. pressure and quality). Based on this you will find out if you need compressor and know compression ratio. If end user is very far i.e. pressure drop in the trunk line is signification, you will need booster station. Actually there are many factors that will play important role in deciding the ultimate selection. Then production profile is equally important parameter. Most of the time during initial years compressors are not required and production is also less. As years pass by gas production will increase so will demand. Thus based on production file consumers too will be decided. If you can give more information that can help us do tell you better.

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