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Thread: Article: Production Facilities

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    Article: Production Facilities

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    The requirement of software or calculations will depend what exactly has to be optimized. Let us start from the reservoir. Pipesim GOAL will help optimizing the production rates from the wells but then you will need production engineer/ reservoir engineer to give you thumbs up for revised THFP. Once revised flow rates have been established, you will check flowlines and group headers and this should have already been checked in the GOAL. But optimization of flowlines and group headers can be done using spreadsheets also. Then you will check separators, compressors and pumps and trunk lines. Gas dehydration also will be checked. For the surface facilities one way to devlop the HYSYS model (or other simulation software). You can develop dynamic simulation model also. You will need a lot of datasheets of existing equipments. Well is is huze exercise but you can build bit by bit and eventually you will be able to do it.
    But if you have specific requirement let us know so that we can help you. I would say first you collect the well test data and see if any of wells get back pressure from the production facilities. actually there are many things that can be done for optimization. Capturing all will be difficult like this.

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    i am working on my final year project for imroving the gas gathering system design. Actually the compressors requirements are to be investigated since the production profile dipicts that most of the wells out of 10 (wells) are at lower pressure.

    I have sorted out for three options
    1 plant compression
    2 intermediate compression
    3 well head compression

    plz tell me how can i choose a certain option and is there any software to help to optimize
    thank you in advance


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