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Thread: Article: Open source ASME calculation software

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    Article: Open source ASME calculation software

    You can view the page at

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

    See More: Article: Open source ASME calculation software

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  3. Thx !!

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    Thanks a lot! I am interested in your project but in this moment I don`t know for programming in C#. I am going to use visual basic. Can I use your idea for continnuing your project?

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    Maybe there is a C# to VB.NET translator?
    All of my code is written in C#
    I decided to use C# over VB.NET, because it seems VB is loosing users, and C# is growing.
    C# seems to have more support on the internet.

  7. Good interface, do you verified the calculations of your software vs. compresss?

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      There's nothing verified yet.
      This is just the programming of the interface, but I tried to be as careful as possible when programming the ASME code.
      It's also far from completed, but I do not have any more time to complete programming.
      Everybody is free to continue.

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      I'm interested in the project. I have done some programs in open source for a while and have a lot of knowledge in C#.

      Please contact me to continue the project.

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        Is it possible you send me the complete material database? If so, please send to tschens@gmail.com Thanks!


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