dear all.
I'm simulating a batch distillation in hysys. The system consists of three components
1 ethylacetate
2 water
3 Isopropanol
The aim of the distillation is to concentrate a mixture from 96% to 99.2% of ethylacetate. I used a General NRTL model and a three-phase distillation column. Hysys don't detected the presence of liquid-liquid equilibrium (in column and in the reflux accumulator). In static simulation the two phases (organic and acqueous) are present but when i used a dynamic simulation it's present a only liquid phase.
The system is strongly non ideal.
How can i solve the problem?
Which solving method should i used?
Which damping factor value should i used?
Which radio button should i selected(in the tab solver and 2/3 phase of column)???
best regards
p.s. sorry for my english

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