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Thread: Article: OLGA training about gas lift

  1. Article: OLGA training about gas lift

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    Dear All,

    I am currently working on a class project and need some gas lift data urgently (from 3 or 4 wells placed on Gas lift). The data maybe unclassified and should include the production performance of the wells.

    Please try and assist me because I want to use Prosper to do the work.

    Kind regards,


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  5. please, anyone can help me? in Olga, I define the pipeline, this starts with a node locked, a fountain and soon after this a centrifugal pump, I have only the pressure of suction of the pump and the efficiency-flow curve, in principle, Debrie expect the pressure on pump should be higher and from there begin to decrease according to the length of the pipeline and its features. but when I run the simulator, the pressure at the pump is less than that of my source, as if the source was who brings all the pressure for the circuit. and should define the pump to get pressure before it lower?


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