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Thread: Design Skirt support

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    Design Skirt support

    Can some one help me, to design skirt support (for Vertical Pressure Vessels)

    Here is my parameters
    I have a vessel weight of 150000 daN
    A height from the tangente line of the bottom head : 10 meters
    an Outside Diameters of the skirt and of the vessel : 4 meters

    Here is my Problem / Question
    I have a height, with a weight and diameters, i want to know the minimum thickness of the skirt support,
    and how to design the stiffners for the skirt due to the height.
    I looked on codap, asme, and pressure vessel design manual.
    And if i am not mistaken, codes don't take the height in parameters.

    Please, ask for more information (if needed).

    Thanks for help

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  3. Ridestar,

    The design of vertical vessel & its skirt is not according to a given weight. Lot of considerations required superimposed loads, internals, liquid, attachments, loads,piping,seismic,wind, lifting, temp. material of your skirt, anchoring etc. these affects your skirt thickness, its time consuming & wish that somebody can help you to run thru software. Overall height is considered on thickness calc. Stiffeners for skirt is not necessary, you need to satisfy the loads without stiffener.


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    thank you for replying to my message, yes sorry i was not clear to my message, i meant all what you say.
    But i need to know how to calculate this. Without Software, or at least know if there is a Code construction which explain this problem.

    Thank you again,

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  6. Hi, refer to sample calculation on below PV handbook,

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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    Hi Venugopal,

    Can you give me the link to download the Megassey book

    Best regards

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