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  1. Creating the Plant Pipe Code - W.N. Weaver, PE

    Creating the Plant Pipe Code

    W.N. Weaver, PE

    Pipes codes are used to standardize piping practices in a facility, to ensure each fluid is conveyed in the appropriate materials, to control piping costs and to ensure plant safety.There are multiple pipe codes in use in the various industries involved with pipe

    Creating proper pipe codes for your facility is generally a combined effort between
    engineering, operations and maintenance. Where available piping, corrosion and welding engineers should be included in the design group.It is not necessary to start the creation process with a blank sheet of paper; starting from an existing national code simplifies the process and gives everyone a view of what the finished product should look like and contain. Before we go further let us see why we even need a pipe code. It’s generally easier to produce an appropriate document if we understand the reason we need the document in the first place.


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    Hey Thanks a lot Shashi.....Hey Man.... I need your advice..... I want to learn a piping design software.... I am basically a drilling Engineer , I know little bit of AutoCAD, ReO, WellFLO and few other petroleum software...

    Now I want learn about Pipline eng< Pl suggest me software which is easy to learn and mostly used in the industry...

    This request is open to all other members also.... pl suggest


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  11. JEETXXP...

    You didn't ask me... but... I would recommend you to learn to use:

    CADWorx, for Plant Design. Very easy to use... Works using AutoCAD as a platform... and you can download it because it has been shared by users of this forum.

    CAESAR II, for Piping Stress Analysis. Leader in the Engineering market and also available in the forum.

    They both were developed by COADE, and, since COADE was recently acquired by INTERGRAPH, they will become huge (given the "marketing machinery" of INTERGRAPH) as an alternative for low-cost Plant Design Suite (compared to INTERGRAPH's SmartPlant)


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