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Thread: Saudi Aramco Precommissioning Forms ( including instrumentation )

  1. Saudi Aramco Precommissioning Forms ( including instrumentation )

    Hi all

    Saudi Aramco Precommissioning Forms


    Form No. Equipment Description

    D-001 Pressure Vessels
    D-002 Storage Tanks
    E-001A Heat Exchangers
    E-001B Fin Fan
    E-002 Blowers
    F-001 Furnaces And Heaters
    F-002 Boilers
    G-005 Centrifugal Pumps
    G-006 Positive Displacement Pumps (Reciprocating)
    G-007 Submersible Pumps
    G-110 Gears
    J-001 Transmitters
    J-002 Transducers
    J-003 Switches
    J-004 Indicators
    J-005 Orifice Plates, Venturis And Lo-Loss Tubes
    J-006 Control Valve
    J-007 Thermocouples
    J-008 Resistance Temperature Detectors
    J-009 Controllers
    J-010 Instrument Air Line Pressure Test
    J-011 Turbine, Positive Displacement, And Magnetic Flow Meters
    J-012 Pitot Tubes/Annubars Flow Meters
    J-013 Installation Inspection
    J-014 Loop Check Cover Sheet
    J-015 Instrument And Control Cables
    J-016 Vibration
    J-017 Temperature Monitor
    J-018 H2s Monitoring System
    J-019 Combusatble Gas Monitoring System
    K-001 Hvac
    K-402 Centrifugal Compressors
    K-403 Positive Displacement Compressor (Reciprocating)
    K-501 Steam Turbines
    K-502 Comustion Gas Turbine
    K-511 Diesel Engine
    K-600 Mixers
    L-001 Piping, General
    L-002 Piping, Special Purpose
    L-003 Valves
    L-004 Plumbing & Non-Electric Utilities
    P-000 Testing Guidelines
    P-001 Automatic Transfer Switches
    P-002 Battery System
    P-003 Cables - Low Voltage
    P-004 Cables - Medium Voltage
    P-005 Cables - High Voltage
    P-006 Circuit Breakers - Molded Case
    P-007 Circuit Breakers - Low Voltage Power
    P-008 Circuit Breakers - Medium Voltage
    P-009 Dehydrator-Desalter Transformer
    P-010 Electric Heat Tracing
    P-011 Generators-Diesel Electric
    P-012 Grounding System (Neutral Ground Resistor/System Ground/Ground Fault Systems)
    P-013 Lighting
    P-014 Metal Enclosed Bus
    P-015 Metering
    P-016 Motor Control Centers - Low Voltage
    P-017 Motor Control-Gear - Medium Voltage
    P-018 Motors, Induction and Synchronous
    P-019 Outdoor Bus Structures
    P-020 Protective Relays
    P-021 SF6 Pad-Mounted Switchgear
    P-022 Surge Arresters
    P-023 Switchgear - General
    P-024 Transformers - Dry Type
    P-025 Transformers - Oil Filled
    P-026 UPS System
    P-027 Voltage and Current (Instrument) Transformers
    X-001 Cathodic Protection Rectifier
    X-002 Cathodic Protection Photovoltic Power System
    X-003 Cathodic Protection Plant Potential Survey
    X-004 Cathodic Protection External Tank Bottom Potential Survey
    X-005 Cathodic Protection Tank Internal Potential Survey
    X-006 Cathodic Protection Well Casing/Flowline Potential Survey
    X-007 Cathodic Protection Pipeline Potential Survey
    X-008 Cathodic Protection Submarine Pipeline Potential Survey
    X-009 Cathodic Protection Offshore Platform/Well Casing Potential Survey
    X-010 Onshore Anode Bed Commissioning Data Sheet
    X-011 Offshore Anode Bed Commissioning Data Sheet


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  3. Dear SasirKumar,

    UR doing a great job.Kindly upload the following long awaiting books:
    1. Piping Design Handbook - Mcketta
    2. Process Design for reliable operations - Norman Lieberman
    3. Unit OPerations Handbook - Mcketta

    Thanks & regards


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  6. Thanks you soooooooooooooo much.

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          • Hi Sasikumar,

            Do you have checklists / procedures for instrumentation engineering / design?

            Guide lines for instrumentation engineering deliverables?


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