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  1. anuradha's Avatar
    dear is this password still working or not.
    please provide the password for last file
  2. shaggyman69's Avatar
    hey friends send me the pass to files part09 plisssss
  3. shaggyman69's Avatar
    man. the pass dont works, which is please..
  4. ngonza26's Avatar
    With the version 7.0 I cant download this file (

    IPM_7.0___112.part01.rar Tamaño: 59.53 MB

    And recibe this message :
    Please, enter the password for this file:

    Please let me now what is going on.

    With the 7.5 version, in this bloq I have the same problem with the part9.

    Please dont upload software if nobody cant download it.
  5. ngonza26's Avatar
    Passwor is nick
  6. ngonza26's Avatar
    I nstaled 7.5 version. Prosper doent work. Let me kown what I need to do Please
  7. ebebe911's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Could somebody share the password for part 4 please.... I downloaded rest of the parts, but password is not working for part 4.... thanks in advance...
  8. petroexperts's Avatar
    please guys! but thanks first! i ahve installed the ipm 7.5 suite, and all the software are working apart from PROSPER and GAP which i really need. they just dont even open at all. please can anyone help me with a solution to this?
  9. AlPrince007's Avatar
    Passwords for Parts 4 and 9 plz !!!
  10. petromaniac's Avatar
    Passwords for Part 4 only please! For part 9 : nick.
  11. WarriorT's Avatar
    New link: Version IPM75-600:

    No password required.

    PD: in a few days I will be uploading new version IPM75-643.
  12. tito_oilman's Avatar
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