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    storage tank cost estimate bid template

    Hi gents I am looking for a storage tank cost estimate bid template. Can some1 please help me out. Thanks

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    Re: storage tank cost estimate bid template

    To my knowledge there is no rule or specific document.
    It is all a matter of work preparation from your side : Work on a good Bid Document list ( spreadsheet).

    In my experience:
    One has to make a list with:
    1/- Sizes / dimensions:
    1-A/- Indicate what is required by the code in a separate column (minimum thickness complying with internal pressure* vacuum* weight* wind*..indicate materials too) and indicate what are the Bidders proposed dimensions (as given by bidders..this way you can reject or warn back these bidders).
    1-B/ - The other columns= indicate: What is proposed by bidders. Now you have an overview

    2- Weights: indicate your total weights and weights proposed by bidders. This will assist you checking them And also help you communicate with your civil engineer for the foundation design at an early stage.

    Separate the bids for floating roofs (if present) and the Seals: Seals are supplied by a sub-contractor* the tank manufacturer is the Main contractor.
    Fixed roofs: ensure that roof supporting structure is adequate as per your requirement (question to ask;do you have a corrosion allowance on the structure or not ? )

    Check who is doing the the coating / painting / earthing/ coating under tank bottom. Ensure that all bidders are aligned or understood what is their scope.

    Same for PVV (relief and Vacuum valves); who is supplying them* who is installing then?.

    Hope other colleagues on this forum can add more to this


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