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    Storage Tank Roof Type

    I'm an engineer and studying about Storage tank in Oil & Gas field. However*
    as i searched on internet and got the picture (attachment) from youtube: ""
    but i could not find out the demonstrated sketch or image. Anyone can help me clear storage roof type.

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Storage Tank Roof Type

    Check out articles on Storage Tanks at

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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    Re: Storage Tank Roof Type

    Mr Linus*
    Thank you for your information*
    By the way* there are three storage tank roof type such as: Fixed* External & Internal roof*
    My inquiry about how to select proper tank roof type for:
    1) Refinery production: Gasoline* DO* FO* HGO* LCO* Kerosone* RFCC* CCR* reformate* isomerate....
    2) Chemical: methanol* Etanol* Glycol* PPD* Chemical injection system
    3) Condensate* Crude oil
    i wanna to hear from you*
    Thank you*

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    Re: Storage Tank Roof Type

    Roof selection is decided largely by the content's propensity to form vapours* the losses due to the emissions* the costs for mitigation or recovery of the emissions and the environmental laws in place regarding the emissions.

    Fixed roof is generally the first choice for storage* however if any of the above prevail* then floating roofs are used.
    Fixed Roof Tanks are used to store materials with a true vapor pressure of less than 1.5 psia absolute.
    Floating Roof Tanks are preferred for storage of petroleum products with a true vapor pressure of 1.5 to 11 psia absolute. Internal floating roofs accord greater control over emissions and vapour recovery than External floating Roof.

    Medium flash point products as Crudes* Diesel* Kerosene*Naphtha* Reformate and the like are stored in external Floating Roofs. However if storage Volume is small* and thereby emissions are not a concern* Fixed Cone Roofs can be used for storage.

    Low Flash point products as ethanol* gasoline* Motor Spirit* Aviation Turbine Oil* Isomerate are stored in Internal Floating roof tanks.

    Glycol and Methanol could be stored in fixed roof vertical tanks. Horizontal tanks with domed ends could also be used for glycol.


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    Re: Storage Tank Roof Type

    The sketch basically shows the different type of roofs to use. Does the tank have a roof--- Yes-----then it can be either a column supported or self supported roof. If it is self supported it can then be a Dome, Umbrella or Dished type.

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