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  1. Top Plug Bump Pressure

    Dear All*

    Whenever a top cement wiper plug is rated say 5000 psi bump pressure* does it take into account the mud hydrsotatic or it is purely meant for surface pressure upon bumping. Appreciate the enlightenment for those who know the answer.

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    Re: Top Plug Bump Pressure

    I guess it is referred to the differential pressure

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  5. Re: Top Plug Bump Pressure

    yes* it is differential pressure for plug and for landing collar

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    • Re: Top Plug Bump Pressure

      When the plug is launched inside the casing at any point, the hydrostatic pressure above and below the plug is the same in static condition. Hence bump pressure rating always refers to differential pressure between above the plug and below the plug. Applied surface pressure is therefore the same as differential pressure above and below the plug.

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