SOFiSTiK - a universal software package* using the method of finite element analysis (FEA) to calculate and structural engineering* geotechnical engineering solutions of problems of any complexity* analysis of gas- and hydrodynamics.

Applications: building construction; Geotechnical analysis; gas- and hydrodynamics.

Analysis objects: buildings and structures; bridges and other transportation facilities; tunnels and waterworks.

The possibility of design and analysis: static and dynamic analysis; linear / non-linear formulation of the problem; linear and turbulent flow of gases and liquids; analysis of kinematic variable systems.

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SOFiSTiK 2016 R2 SP 2016-5 + =SOFiSTiK 2016 R2 SP 2016-5 1 2 3
Gb 2.04 (. RAR5* incl 3% - info for restoration purpose)

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