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    Does anyone here has the sepam software?
    I downloaded from the link,but it is password protected.

    The blog also written in Persian language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surgeArrester View Post
    I was able to download it before. But I forgot where did I place the software.
    yup..managed to download but could not extract due to the password.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brom View Post
    you can download latest version from schneider site
    thanks for the info.
    I am downloading it, btw, does it require activation or it is a freeware?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brom View Post
    it's free
    Maybe or maybe not. How can you explain the software i have has license key?

    Maybe its free if you have the hardware, for the hardware to active it.

    Im not really sure.

    Have you tried it? Did they change it? Thanks.

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    Thanks for swf

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      Yo descargué la versiأ³n oficial v14.1 y lo hice full llenando los datos que solicita cuando expira la licencia. no es nada del otro mundo.

      Y si empiezan por descargar, uno de los pasos de la instalaciأ³n es lo siguiente para el serial:
      What is the Serial Number to use when installing SFT2841?

      Product Line
      SEPAM Relays

      SEPAM SFT2841 software installation

      The serial numbers to use while installing the software are:
      - For SFT2841 versions 11 and above: 0647740-08
      - For SFT2841 versions below 11: 8888888-06

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