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    Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

    Hi All,
    I've found Petrel 2016.3 and uploaded it here:

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
    I see that the license is expired:
    # Petrel 2016.3
    FEATURE Petrel_FBaseSystem slbsls 2017.08 20-aug-2017

    Could anybody share any working license please?

    See More: Petrel 2015.5 full

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  3. Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

    Could you share only the pill file from petrel 2016.3 ?

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    Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

    Quote Originally Posted by pepe_gri View Post
    Could you share only the pill file from petrel 2016.3 ?
    here you are

    [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access] by the way, does anybody know how thu use a result of Hardware ID generator for licence?

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  6. Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

    I have Petrel 2018 full working, but exactly don't know how should I set up DFN model for dual porosity simulation.
    Anybody here could help me?

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  8. Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

    please share your petrel 2018

    My threads; reseng1981 :

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      Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      Hi for some reason cant send you message would you send me how to get the petrel 2018 fully working

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      Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      Hi Pitter i can help you with you DFN simulation im Petrel certified skilled level in exchange could you provide the petrel 2018 ********s i have the installation and thanks

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      Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      Quote Originally Posted by Eng. Abd View Post
      Compartment between Petrel 2015.5 and Eclipse 2014.1
      After installing Petrel 2015.5 the simulator Eclipse 2014.1 was working probably, then some updates installed in my OS Windows 7 that may corrupted Eclipse license. Now I've lost Eclipse license and it dose't work.
      Is there a steps can restore the license for Eclipse? Please, who can help?
      First Step,
      check the HOST ID for both Petrel and Eclipse licenses, are they the same HOST ID?

      Second Step,
      if the HOST IDs are not the same, you may need a Mac Address changer to change the PC Mac Address to the HOST ID of the license you want to use (Petrel or Eclipse).

      Hope this helps you..

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      Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      Hello everyone,

      Here is the links of latest versions:

      Petrel 2018

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      Eclipse 2018

      [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]
      To Get License and MED find me on this address:

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      Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      Hello Guys. Hope everything goes well to all. I have gathered some Petroleum software with educational or full m_e_dicines.
      My policy is based on friendly exchange and no commercial purposes. So, I will be glad if I could help you.
      contact me: karencorex** (Replace ** with at_sign)
      The following is my software list:
      Petrel 2018.2
      Merak Peep 2017.1
      Pipesim 2018.1
      Vista 2018.004
      Omni 2018.1
      GeoFrame 2012 SP6
      Eclipse 2018.1
      GeoX 6.2
      Techlog 2018.1
      Omega 2017.1
      Visage 2018.1
      Petromod 2019.1
      Olga 2018
      Mepo 2016
      OFM 2018.1
      Kappa Workstation 5.20
      Emeraude 5.1
      Cyclolog 2019
      IP 2018 Update 2019 v4.5.5
      Fracpro 2019.1
      Stimpro 10.7.18
      Jason 10
      Hampson Russell 10.4.2
      OpenFlow 2018.1
      IHS SubPump 2018
      IHS Harmony 2016v3
      IHS Questor 2018 Q3
      GeoProbe 5000.10
      Desicion Space Desktop 10.ep4
      DecisionSpace Petrophysics 4.03
      EDM 5000.14.0
      SeisSpace Promax 5000.1.0.4
      Drillworks 5000.8.4
      EDM 5000.15
      EDT 5000.14.0
      Nexus VIP 2018
      Roxar IRAP RMS 11
      Roxar Tempest 2018
      Paradigm 2018
      PVTsim Nova 4
      Sysdrill 11.0
      CMG 2018
      tNavigator 19.1
      Geoteric 2018.3
      Seisware 10.0.1
      Cerberus 12.7
      Paleoscan 2019
      Jewel Suite Geomechanic 2017
      pIGI 3.5.1
      Gohfer 9.1
      Wellscan 3.7
      NeuraLog 2018
      Crystal Ball 11.1
      Meyer 2018
      Move 2018.1
      Globe Claritas 6.10
      WellBuilder 5.1
      AttributeStudio 8.2
      Rokdoc 6.6.1
      OpendTect 6.4.4
      FracCADE v7.0
      Norsar Software Suite 2018
      FracMan 7.50
      Contact me: karencorex**

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    • Re: Petrel 2015.5 full

      The download of Petrel 2018 from works, but then it asks for a password - does anybody know that one?

      My threads; rrmaron :


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