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  1. Access Pipesys from Excel

    Hi, guys.

    Does anybody know how to extract or change data from Pipesys through Excel (using Visual Basic)???

    In the "Automation" manual it's explained how to do this for Hysys native variables but, there's nothing about extensions like Pipesys. I've found a possible solution in the Aspentech support page (Solution ID: 115084), I can't access it or download the sample Excel file...

    Thanks and regards.

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  3. hi there everybody!

    Does anybody knows hoy to add a pipesys extension? I use the Hysys v3.2 and in the dialog box UnitsOps Case (main)--- available units operations, I can't see Pipesys extension...

    if somebody knows how to do that please help me......otherwise please explain me how to do hydraulic calculations under Hysys environment.....better if there are some examples...

    good day!

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