You have explained very well about the design of finger type slug catcher in the post "Slug Catcher design" (05-02-2008, 11:53 PM). When we talk about slug catcher, we concentrate on the slug volume and capacity of the fingers to be deisgned. However, the separation of gas/ liquid in the inlet header (primary separation bottle) of a finger type is rarely discussed or even published.

In this post, you made a clear explanation that the "velocity must be small enough so that slugs reduce to wave form" or (rather to stratified smooth regime). Can you shed some more light on this separation bottle. Because I am working on an existing finger type slug catcher and with no historical data on this, I am trying to evaluate what this was designed for " as a Gas capacity". Any expalnation or reference would be great. Also, if you have the Shell DEP on this, can you post in the same.

Thanks you.

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