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Thread: Cymcap 7.0

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    Re: Cymcap 7.0

    Quote Originally Posted by lobo624 View Post
    i have installed cymcap 4.2 Rev3 on win7 64bit and its runs* i can edit cables* ducts* etc but could not calculation it just freezes.
    someone can help me.
    Quote Originally Posted by surgeArrester View Post
    but i tried once on xp 32bit* same freezes..
    Quote Originally Posted by fgf View Post
    Hey lobo624* I had this exact same problem*

    The problem is the 4.2 Rev3 you are using is for 64bits system*
    i installed win7 32 bit and it works

    Copying the missing syswow64.dll files won't work
    you have to install on a virtual machine if you have a win 64 bits machine* install window xp or 7*

    If you are using windows 7 64 Bits you can use windows virtual machine; (its a windows complement that its free and very userfull) or if you are using windows 10 64 bits* install vmware (it's free) and win xp* it works* also cymcap* cymgrid works on 32 virtual machine perfect. those programs was designed for win xp* if you in properties change run in win xp mode in windows 7-10 64 bits* it never works fine for a file in window 7/10. virtual machine is needed and required to run on 64X.

    If some one has the last version* please share* that version has some errors* lastest versions could do much more things.

    in this video tutorial that is in spanish shows how to run it in windows 7 64 Bits* that youtuber run it in windows XP mode* using windows virtual machine (windows virtual pc)* and shows how the virtual machine starts before run the program. watch details for 20 seconds how it works* time 1m4s.

    See More: Cymcap 7.0
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  3. Re: Cymcap 7.0

    Does anyone have a newer version of CYMCAP to share ? Thank you !

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  6. Re: Cymcap 7.0

    can you re-upload again?
    I need it for my thesis

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    • Re: Cymcap 7.0

      Hi All,

      Any one share CYMCAP 7.2 *****

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      • Re: Cymcap 7.0

        Please share any CYMCAP 7.2 and above

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          Re: Cymcap 7.0

          Quote Originally Posted by prabhu natarajan View Post
          please share any cymcap 7.2 and above
          here is

          Quote Originally Posted by lobo624 View Post
          i upload cymcap demo (72rev02 version) is limited to a 30-day period, but is full featured copy.

          [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

          Quote Originally Posted by fx007 View Post

          [link Point to another website Only the registered members can access]

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