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Thread: Eclipse step by step

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    • Re: Eclipse step by step

      Amazing piece of work Temr, congrats.
      Let's say we have a single SWOF table :
      -- Sw Krw Kro Pcwo
      0.25 0.0 0.9 4
      0.5 0.2 0.3 0.8
      0.7 0.4 0.1 0.2
      0.8 0.55 0.0 0.1
      1.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 /

      Automatically, on day 0 Eclipse gives So= 1-Swc (which is 0.75 in this case) at each block. Can I change the oil saturation distribution without adding more matrices ( SATNUM & TABDIMS respectively). Still, average oil saturation would be of the same value (0.75).

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        I had taken up a project in Petrel 2015. I have made every possible input. I have to history match my data. The GOR in the observed data rises constantly whereas, in my simulated data it is going doing. I tried to put an extra fault but it didn't help. What parameters do I need to change to match my GOR rise in simulated data.

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          Re: Eclipse step by step

          If poro sample are different then try to establish trend Swc vs Perm. If this are the same sample then i would use Pc value because the displacement pressure much higher during Swc measurements ( mercury, oil injection) comparing to real perm.

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            Re: Eclipse step by step

            Assuming that you don't have gas cap gas cusping to the well and don't have behind the pipe etc crossflows, check if your near well pressure falls below Psat. if it does and GOR is too low QC PVT.

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          • Re: Eclipse step by step

            Thanks for the answer. I was wondering if the total number of time steps which is 1000 can be increased. Haven't seen anything like that in the manual though, at least as far as 2010 and 2014 editions are concerned.

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            • Re: Eclipse step by step

              thank you temr and shakespear and all members for this very interesting thread,
              now I am reservoir engineer, i used to go through books and papers, but i never find easy explanation as yours,
              Temr, I know it's little bit late, but I did n't find the initialization chapter.
              could you please upload it.

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              can i get this book free i appreciate

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                Re: Eclipse step by step

                Hello, people.
                Soory for keeping silence was a little bit busy
                I will try to upload threads in other server.
                I will let you know after.
                Also i am very interesting if any had a chance with developing tool for production forecast ( decline cure + matbal)
                I have some ideas and want to strart diff thread if you all will contribute to this idea

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                Re: Eclipse step by step

                Hello every one . I am online .
                Your question about Simulation, PVT , Scal are welcome here in this thread.

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