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Thread: cadworx equipment

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    Question cadworx equipment

    if any body can guide me how to generate 2D drawings from 3D model in cadworx equipment.

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  3. This is made with commnd 2DREP

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    • In the Layout of Autocad YOU GIVE THIS COMMAND ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED THE VIEWPORT and is not turning back once you have created 2DREP for 2d drawings to 3d models

      The solution is create another layout with your darwings and give there the commnd This is a recomandation for the modification for all the pahases of the project

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          dear friend
          1st thanks for ur response, i tried the command 2DREP that u suggested to generate 2d drawings from 3d model while working in cadworx but it didnt work. this command is unknown to autocad. please suggest further

          with best wishes


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        • iF YOU GIVE THE COMMAND IN LAYOUT autocad The program is no now it .But if you open the Cadworx in Layout when you make the view is work When you give the command the Cadworx ask you to select the view You selected it and give ok A the program transform the 3d model in 2d drawings
          The cadworx is a program that ussuly defect when you give the commnd in a large file insert in the Layout And some time no whant to do the commnd
          How i say try the commnd in layout Cadworx not in model and not in the Autocad simple with not Cadworx

          And good look

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          • Cadworx is a program is to easy to learn and easy to use in 3d modeling but in the GA DRAWINGS It's make you same time life so hard becouse is easyly defect And give a lot of error when you make deal with very large file for ex 30 file for drawings insert in Layout to make a GA and if you have lot of them large util 20MB you sure make a lot o pary to finish the job and I some cases this is when Cadworx is defect and it must by reinstal And make some strong upgarde your PC

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