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Thread: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

  1. Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

    thanks, the link is valid,
    no c-rack inside,
    can any one share the c-rack, I will be greatfull.
    Best regrds

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      Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

      Hi everybody!

      I am looking for EMTP-RV 3. May anybody put the links (software and *****) again, they do not work?

      Thansk in advance

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        Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

        Also cra****


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          hello...anyone can help me? I'm simulation pv sys in emtp but I have emtp_rv_2 version , I need new version of emtp anyone can help me with share emtp download or help me finsh the simulation

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          • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

            any new links? it is a nice program to learn

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            • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

              Hello everybody.

              Can anyone share me the EMTP-RV 3.0.0?


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              • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

                This is a typical thread of this strange forum. A lot of same dumb posts "plase give me program X I'm begging you!", a lot of walls of useless program description and none of result. It already pisses me off.

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                  Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

                  can anyone share the link & ***** of emtprv 3.0 please

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                  • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

                    Can anyone share emtp rv 3.0 download link

                  • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

                    I am looking for version 4. can you please share it? maybe I can do something for you in return...

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                    • Re: Emtp-rv-3.0.0

                      I have EMTP-3/PSCAD 4.6.2 full workable . I want to exchange it If somebody have PSSE 34 with all module / PSSE 33 with all module with NEVA/ Digsilent 16 /17/18 above with all module. Please send me message.
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