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  1. Problems With initialization --ECLIPSE--

    Hello everybody,
    When initializing a black oil model,I get the a problem (see attached snapshot taken from the *.PRT file), it seems a problem with SWL(provided by geologist for each cell) and the relative permeability curve(I respected all the rules for the construction of this table).
    Does anyone help me to solve the problem, and explain me how eclipse calculates the new critical fluid saturations in initialization?
    Thank you very much for your help.

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  3. if the message is repeated for many grid cells then just check your data using statistics(either in petrel or any 3D viewer). correct the values. you can use property filters also.

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  5. Dear,

    in the presence of three phase fluid(oil, gas and water), any of the fluids can not move til one of them reach its critical saturation. since there is oil and water then there is connate water saturation and residual oil saturation. so the minimum gas saturation required for the the gas to move should be greater than the critical saturation and less than its maximum(1 – Swco – Socrg)
    The last gas saturation in the table should equal(or the maximum gas saturation in scaled saturation) 1 – Swco – Socrg, where Swco is the connate water saturation and Socrg is the residual oil-to-gas saturation, in the corresponding saturation tables. (Swco is the lowest saturation in the SWFN table and Socrg is the largest oil saturation with krog of zero, in column 3 of the SOF3 keyword. - this is the case of using tables like STONE I- the same logic for the scaled saturation ). it is better to go back to the Eclipse Reference Manual, there are more details with equations.

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    yes it is correct at max Sg theere is only Swc
    i think in your relperm tables you have a problem
    make sure the values are correct
    and make sure you are using the correct tables dead oil or live oil, you know

    about equilibruim you need to make sure about the contacts
    and in the saturations the So is zero in the gas cap there is only Sg and Swc

    good luck

  8. Re: Problems With initialization --ECLIPSE--

    did you use some tuning options? What is the gridblock size?


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