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  1. Florentina,

    carefully type the command... net<space>user<space>administrator<space>/active:yes

    Only add space where i mentioned. Dont add anywhere else. This command will only work if you have followed step 4 properly i.e. running the command promp as administrator

    See More: Aspen one V7 installation in Vista

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  3. Exclamation Aspen Hysys

    Quote Originally Posted by muzaffar84 View Post
    You are trying it in XP, right? In XP follow method below to activate administrator account

    1. Launch Registry Editor. (write regedit in run and press enter)

    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserLis t in the Registry Editor.

    3. Double-click the Administrator key in the right pane.
    (If the Administrator key doesn’t exist, right-click on the above tree in the pane, choose New, DWORD Value, name it Administrator and press Enter)

    4. Type 1 in the “Value data” box, and press Enter.
    Hello all,
    Can anyone share Aspen Hysys 2006.5? Tks

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by muzaffar84 View Post
    Dear All,

    I have installed it successfully. If anyone is still facing problem, just follow the steps below.

    1. Uninstall existing copy completely, remove all folders and registry entries.

    2. Now you need to enable hidden administrator account. (Follow steps 3 to 7. If you have already enabled it, go to step 8)

    3. Click start button, then write cmd in start search.

    4. Right click on the cmd returned on the search results pane above, then select Run as Administrator.

    5. Now type this command net user administrator /active:yes

    6. You should see a message that the command completed successfully. Log out. Now, you’ll now see the Administrator account as a choice. Login as Administrator.

    7. Give a password to new enabled administrator account.

    8. Create License file.

    9. Start installation with Aspen installer, browse license file created in step 8 when required.

    10. When it asks for simulation engine name, password and domain (where there is a check box to "skip this step (not recommended)") type Administrator in name, administrator password (which you created in above steps) in the password field and type your computer name in domain name. Your computer name can be found in the Properties of Computer (right click Computer icon then select properties). Complete the installation.

    All done. Let me know, if anyone of you needs further help.

    Special thanks to Adnan1 for helping me

    I have done all these steps successfully, and now aspen plus is working but aspen hysys says:'' unable to acquire Hysys_process license"
    I am currently installing v7 and i am using windows vista home premium.

    also ,I noticed that in aspen plus , the next button is still not working properly besides the plotting wizard ,which is not working also.
    please help me
    Thanks in advance

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    • dear muzaffar!
      how do we do the 8th step.. i.e create license... from where & how do u create a license file??
      please reply!

      thnx for ur helP!
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    • Dude!
      while installing i got his error..
      i did following steps
      1) extracted downloaded 70 files 3 times so i got two files aspen7.nrg & aspen7.md5
      2) deleted previous hysys.. cleared registry & all folders..
      3) in cmd.. typed tht command& restarted my vista home 32 bit in Administrator mode.
      4) used deamon lite tool to mount the aspen7.nrg image.
      5) after auto run of file.. it clicked on products & gave path to license file...
      6) it detected 710 licenses
      7) then this page appeared

      8) clicked on install button.. then this appeared..

      9) i browsed to the path in the image.. * clicked ok but this error came

      10) the name of the DVD it asks i .e "aspenONE v7.0 DVD #1" does not matches with wat is present.. "aspenONEv7.0DVD1".

      wat to do..??
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    • I have a lot of experience with that "license not found error".

      I have installed 2006.5 and V7 on vista (basic premium and several SP) and XP but for some reason I only got that error in only 1 equip, aspen has a license checker or something where u can see how many licenses are working so if you check that its gonna say that all is working but the software is gonna launch that License not found error.

      Even trough I never figured out which one was the problem I think it is the UAC (user account control), so have to turn it off/deactivate. Just go to help and search "deactivate user account control". I think that is the problem because I realize that with older hysys version, dynamic state doesnt work if the UAC is activated (you cant put the data to the PID control, it is blocked for some reason), so everytime that I installed hysys or aspen I used to check that UAC was deactivated... too much talk.

      1. Deactive UAC
      2. Check if hysys or whatever you need work, if it doesnt reinstall ASPEN and try again.

      reply if this works please.

    • one more error..

      i completed all installation as guided by muzzafar..
      It asked to restart..
      then when i tried to start HYSYS.. i got this error..
      i installed hysys aspen & EDR but all r giving same error.. license not found..

      any idea wat to do?
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    • Quote Originally Posted by jamy862004 View Post
      one more error..

      i completed all installation as guided by muzzafar..
      It asked to restart..
      then when i tried to start HYSYS.. i got this error..
      i installed hysys aspen & EDR but all r giving same error.. license not found..

      any idea wat to do?
      Please... deactivate UAC (user account control) to get there use the windows help (I think it is called "help and technical support" on windows vista and search deactivate user account control), reboot, if you still get the same error, reinstall aspen/hysys (and dont active UAC ofc)

      I have seen that error even with the original aspen and license (XP and vista)
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    • Please help me
      I create .lic file carefully, but when installation is started, after selection products and escape of user and password, this message is apear:
      "This installation package coud not be opend. Contact the application vendor to derify that this a valid windows installer package."

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      • now i am started to get a bit frustated bit.. i am still holding my nerve..

        i know i have given u guys lot of trouble but hope some1 will reply..

        i did all things told to me..

        1. deactivated UAC..

        2. uninstalled all aspen installed components.. (hysys, EDR, economic evaluation)

        3. deleted all aspen folders
        /program files/aspentech/(all files including this folder)
        /program files/common files/hyprotech/(all files including this folder)
        /users/administrator/aspentech/(all files including this folder)

        4. rebooted PC. (UAC is already deactivated since step 1)

        5. created new license file

        6. installed again all 3 components i.e. hysys, EDR, eco eval uaing new license file..

        7. copied .lic file to
        /program files/common files/hyprotech/shared/*.lic
        license file was already present.. just copied & replaced it again.. as sum1 said in his post..

        8. rebooted PC.
        9. tried to start hysys..
        10. Poing! again getting error "Unable to acquire HYSYS license"..

        Wat did i do wrong or did i missed something??

        1) Do we also need to install aspem SLM 8.1 server before installing products?
        2) vista already framework v3.1 so no need of v2.0.. right??
        3) installed MS SQL server 2005 from MS website.. (but i doubt it hasgot anything wid "Unable to acquire HYSYS license" error.)

        can u please help... i'l appreciate.. i am holding my nerves..

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      • jamy862004 i have the same problem!
        i tried everything but it doesn't work!
        all i have is this:

        -------------- SLM Common Error Dialog ---------------

        Application: hysys.exe

        --------------- Information Flags ---------------

        Error while checking out license HYSYS_Process

        --------------- Sequence of Events ---------------

        Server: Local license server (NO-NET)
        Bucket: default
        Type: Unified License
        Code: 26
        Description: This license is currently disabled due to an inconsistency in the computer's system clock. Please contact AspenTech to correct this problem

        Could anybody help me???

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